Are Pumped Watches waterproof?

Our watches are water and sweat resistant, as well as dust-proof. However, although they are extremely well sealed, we do not recommend submerging the watches more than 3 meters.

How do you change the bands/faces of the watches?

A really great feature of Pumped Watches is that you can mix/match bands and faces to create your own unique colour combinations. To change out a face from a strap, hold one end of the strap and pull on the other – you’ll notice the face should slightly “pop” out. You will then be able to pull the silicon back from around the buttoned edges of the face, enabling you to gently ease [the face] out. You can then replace the face with any other colour from our range (start with inserting one side of the face into the strap, pull on the other end [of the strap] to insert the other side [of the face], fold the silicon around the buttoned edges and slowly work the strap back-and-forwards until you feel the face pop into place)!
Please ensure you change your faces WITH CARE; our silicon straps/moulds are high quality and resiliant but – as with anything – are likely to damage with too much pressure or pull.

How do i set the time/date/alarm?

There are 3 displays: Time/Date, Stopwatch, Alarm.
To filter through displays, press “mode”: in order, it will show you through Stopwatch, Alarm, Time/Date edit, Time/Date. To select a mode to edit, use “reset”. To edit, use “select”. Use “mode” once again to save changes.
Time/Date: Ensure you’re on the time/date edit display (the first one after Alarm – the seconds’ timer at the top will be flashing). Click “reset” to change time and “start” to select numbers. While selecting time, “A” at the top of the display = am, “P” = pm. Filter through numbers twice to show 24hr time. Continue using “reset” and “start” to change minutes, day and date. Select “mode” again to lock in the time.
Stopwatch: “Start” to start and pause. “Reset” to restart.
Alarm: Use “Reset” and “start” to select time the same as you would to set time/date. On the third “reset” (after setting time), use “start” to filter through “ALM” and “SIG” (displayed above alarm time). “ALM” is on, “SIG” is off (ALM will activate a symbol on the bottom left of the display, to show alarm is on – this will show on the time/date display too, to alert you your alarm is set and on). Select “mode” to lock in your alarm.


Is there a WARRANTY on your watches?

No, there is no warranty; however, if you do have an issue or feedback on our watches, please contact us via info@pumpedwatches.com.

Do you offer refunds?

No, we do not offer refunds. From when you order to the moment it leaves our headquarters, your shipment is handled with the utmost care; we pride ourselves on providing you with quality product every time! We do not take responsibility for any damage aquired during transit. For more information or to contact us regarding these matters, please email info@pumpedwatches.com.

How long does the battery last?

The battery has an approximate 1 year life span.

If the battery dies, how do I change it?

Take it to your local jeweller; we do not recommend changing the battery yourself.

Are your watches unisex? Will the watches fit me?

Pumped Watches are a one-size-fits-all, unisex design.

I want to sell your watches - do you guys sell wholesale?

We offer wholesale and distributor pricing for those who are looking to invest in on-selling a large quantity of Pumped Watches. If you have a store and/or are looking to carry our watches, email us at sales@pumpedwatches.com and let us know you’re interested in wholesale pricing.

Shipping Notes
Due to our ever growing increase of business, we may get backed up from time to time; so please do not worry if your order is taking a little longer than expected. Once you order off our website, you will automatically get a transaction and receipt number. Once your order is shipped, you will receive an email. From there, it is out of our hands.
NZL Buyers: Upon ordering, your shipment may take a few days to process. Once your order is shipped, you will receive an email notification and tracking number. Your order will typically take 3-5 working days from shipment to arrival at your destination, via NZ Post.
International Buyers: If you place an order and you live outside of NZL, the same thing occurs – meaning it may take a few days to process. Your order should take approximately 5-10 working days from shipment to arrival at your door, but could take up to 30 days depending on your customs and location.

For any further questions, please don’t hesitate to email us at info@pumpedwatches.com.

We hope you love your PUMPED WATCHES!